Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Product Rave for Us Pale Ones

Thrrrob anyone? Oh how I love this delicious Benefit product. Let's start with the packaging. Before I even knew the colour I just love love loved the box. It's sexy, sassy and slightly burlesque. Everything you need in a blusher right?

Open sesame and it just gets better. Now let me just say, I am pale. No really, pale as pale could be. Think Nicola Roberts but brunette. So as you can imagine I struggle slightly with the old blush situation.

Too brown and I look like I've been punched, too pink and I resemble a porcelin doll. I can pull off the odd hint of peach but I prefer to stay with the subtle pinky tones. Thrrrob is simply perfect for me. The colour is fresh and makes me look natural. It blends like a dream. And to add to the sheer wonderfulness of it all, it has a little shimmer to it, making it perfect for day and night. At £22.50 it's not the most affordable when you're on a part-time wage like myself, but hey, well worth saving up for. Big thumbs up for Benefit :)


Me? Blogger? Well alright then, I can try that. How do you begin these things? I’m ever so slightly blog obsessed these days, so you’d think I’d know where to begin. Let’s see….what do I enjoy reading about? Beauty, make-up, hair, and all things pretttty :) So that seems like a good place to start.